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The Study Program

This interdisciplinary bachelor program at Germany’s most sustainability-oriented university incorporates all aspects necessary to meet the demand of young students seeking a global perspective at the edge between business and technology.

In six semesters, students will study business and engineering through innovative learning concepts. Our focus on sustainability, green technologies, and a globally interrelated perspective provides future graduates with excellent key qualifications and enables them to master the challenges of our time.

Real-life business projects as well as training in organization, methods and communication skills complete our students’ academic and personal profile.

As a special benefit, German language and intercultural communication modules will pave the way for a possible professional life in Germany or German enterprises abroad.

Requirements of today's working environment and your qualifications as a graduate

Expertise in Economics and Engineering:

As a generalist with a profound technical and economic background, you solve problems at the interface between business and technology.

Sustainability Awareness:

You understand, articulate, create and critique the theory behind sustainable development and companies‘ attempts to integrate sustainable approaches into their everyday business practices.

Change Management and Leadership:

You have the understanding of the fundamental methodologies and concepts to plan, coordinate, budget and evaluate projects, as well as to manage the risks and people involved.

Multilingual and Intercultural Competencies:

You improve your ability to recognize and understand potential obstacles and to develop and apply strategies to enhance communication. A new language also increases your job opportunities.

Employability and Career Planning:

As an industrial engineer educated in Germany, you have excellent job chances in all areas of the economy. You also qualify for further Master degree programs.